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Givenchy Pour Homme Perfume 100ml


Givenchy Pour Homme is also conservative and modern at the same time. Citrus notes make the fragrance airy or fluffy, fresh, casual and “kind”, while the vetiver and cedar make it warm, firm and “serious”.

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Givenchy is a French luxury brand well-known for producing high-end apparel, luggage, accessories and cosmetics. Givenchy was founded in 1958 by Hubert de Givenchy, who attempted a trick no other fashion designer had considered, ever. He came up with the idea of utilizing a famous person to advertise the first Givenchy fragrance, L'interdit. This meant that the perfume's spokesperson would be Audrey Hepburn, a Hollywood sweetheart at the time. We may now discuss Givenchy perfumes  because it was not only a wise but also a successful decision. These are the scents that speak to us the most out of all that they have provided since then.  The "Monsieur de Givenchy" men’s fragrance was first introduced in 1959. Givenchy’s perfumery has developed overtime and has maintained its prominence in the market. Givenchy continues to be one of the top most fashion brands in the twenty-first century.  The Givenchy label created "Amarige," a distinctively harsh scent, in 1991. The word is an anagram of the word marriage, which is a French word. The scent is as lovely and captivating as a newlywed woman. It emphasizes how delicate and loving ladies are. Unusual flowery scents dominate the fragrance. It is a lavish bouquet of tuberose and mimosa. Woody and raw floral composition. It should have a nostalgic, refined, nostalgic, understated and delicately feminine vibe. Peach, mandarin and sweet rosewood are among the fruity notes in the top notes. Dominique Ropion introduced the fragrance in 1991. 

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