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We provide you with this helpful article to distinguish between an original and/or forged perfume. While in today’s date, knock offs are transpiring the original perfumes with their spitting image, it can be quite difficult to tell them apart.

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This article will help you detect even the most exceptionally forged perfumes.

Labels and Wordings

When purchasing a perfume, don’t hang back looking up for it’s information on the manufacturer’s website. The information should match word to word since even the slightest contradiction could be a sign of a fake perfume. The double reverse arrow on the bottom of a perfume box will always be darker when pointing on the right.

Layout of Bottle

The uncanny resemblance of the forged product to the original product in scent and appearance can make it difficult for the consumer to detect, although if you look closely you will find some difference that the scheming manufacturer has caused to protect themselves from indictment.


The original product manufacturers use less pigmentation in their perfume which makes it look pale. The distinct color is an indication of chemical and forged perfume.

Bottle Cap

The bottle’s cap must be aligned symmetrically. In addition, the quality of the cap should feel premium.

Serial Number

The serial number must be printed with ink (and not glued!) to the bottom of the box. The serial number on the bottom of the bottle must match on the bottom of the box.


The bottle of the original perfume will have a glossy and sleek surface whereas the bottle of a forged perfume would be rough.


The original product packaging is made of high-quality card board that is basically for protecting the bottle from damage.

The cardboard is especially designed to keep the bottle intact.

Pristine Fold

An original product will have clear and neat folds of plastic whereas an unauthentic product will have unattractive/uneven folds.

We hope that these pointers help you in differentiating original perfumes from fake ones. If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

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