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Azzaro Chrome Intense EDT Perfume for Men 100ml


Chrome Intense Cologne by Azzaro, Released in 2015, Chrome Intense is a lively and fresh fragrance for men. This cologne contains a delicate blend of green, citrusy notes that settle into a spicy musk. The opening notes include bergamot, grapefruit, ginger and hedione.

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Always get the same scent when you buy a new perfume, then don’t worry because this one is completely different from others and you will definitely find something different affecting your mood and changing it into good.

Created with the notes of ozone, jasmine water, and lichen, while the base is created of precious wood, mate, amber, and musk. For the man who loves to make a statement, Azzaro Chrome Intense EDT is a perfect choice.

With Azzaro bold aroma and long-lasting formula, you can be sure you’ll capture the attention of any crowd. Be ready for whatever comes your way with Azzaro Chrome Intense. Stop staring because it’s time to make a buying decision.



Loris Azzaro spent his formative years in Tunis, Tunisia’s Capital. Enthralled by the oversaturated colors and olfactory pleasures of his birthplace. He was born in 1933 and spent most of his adolescent years in the lovely setting. As the only son of three generations of women, he would stitch clothes for himself to stay fashionable and his friends were envious of his wardrobe. Later, as a teenager, he would go on to design and create dresses for his mother that the contemporaries admired.  By 1975 Azzaro had decided that a personality is not quite complete without a perfume and thus the first fragrance, Azzaro Couture,was launched followed by  the iconic and timeless Azzaro Pour Homme in 1978. ‘No one is beautiful by accident. We frequently forget that the dress should serve the woman rather than the other way round’,  he declared, adding ‘How could I imagine a clothing line or femininity without exalting it with perfume?’ Arnaud Maillard and Alvaro Castejon are the artistic directors of Azzaro fashion house today, reinterpreting the spirit with singular freshness and successfully blending heritage and modernity. In the decades since, the fragrant Azzaro wardrobe has grown exponentially and as always the design house has been one step ahead , leading, rather than following fashion. For example, they have always used the best raw materials and exceptional natural ingredients , all expertly and responsibly sourced, grown, harvested and processed. They put this ethos into action by selecting, partnering with and supporting suppliers day after day, building protected production chains and ensuring fair compensation. 

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