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Bentley Intense For Men EDP 100ml


Created in 2013 by Bentley, this comforting fragrance has top notes of fresh bergamot spiced with black pepper and laced with smoky incense. A bright note of geranium and the herbaceous aroma of bay leaf create a long-lasting scent that lingers pleasantly, even when you leave the room.”

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This year unleash your passion with Bentley Intense, a truly luxurious perfume for the modern man. Our exclusive blend of rich scents creates an alluring combination of warm, sensual notes that will grab everyone’s attention.

Crafted from the finest ingredients, this fragrance is sure to bring out your inner confidence and charm. With Bentley Intense, you’ll always stand out from the crowd and make a statement with just one spray.

Experience long-lasting aromas that will linger with you all day long with Bentley Intense. Whether you’re looking to make a statement or keep it subtle, Bentley Intense takes your olfactory experience to the next level.



To create remarkable fragrances, the Bentley fragrance collection continues to draw on a highly regarded world of rare simple extracts. Each fragrance was created in collaboration with the finest artisan perfumers and glassmakers, and each bottle embodies passion, time-honored tradition and elegance. The essence of our exceptional fragrances for men is made up of potent and precious materials, each of which captures the spirit and essence of Bentley. The scents are packaged in elegant bottles inspired by the standardized curves and extraordinary materials that distinguish Bentley vehicles. In this one of a kind collection, three perfume collections for men have been created. Bentley for men line has exceptional fragrances like the Bentley Momentum and Bentley Intense. On July 10, 1919, Walter Owen Bentley established the company that bears his name. He was born with a 'love of motion,' according to legend. He bought a used bicycle when he was nine years old and promptly dismantled it to see how it worked. Later, still a fan of two-wheeled transportation, he purchased a Quadrant motorcycle and immersed himself in racing, practicing early in the mornings before the police speed traps were activated. W.O. quickly became a gold medalist. Bentley's fragrance portfolio now includes Bentley Beyond - The Collection, which explores extraordinary landscapes and transforms adventures into olfactory emotions. Sidonie Lancesseur's aromatic-woody scent Wild Vetiver is an odyssey in Java. Mathilde Bijaoui's amber-musk Exotic Musk transports us to Acapulco, Mexico, while Julie Massé's woody Majestic Cashmere transports us to Goa.

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