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Royale Blue Rasasi Perfume for Men 75ml


Royale Blue by Rasasi is a Woody Floral Musk fragrance for men. Top notes are Sea Notes, Bergamot, Melon and Galbanum; middle notes are Lavender, Violet, Jasmine and Rose; base notes are Musk, Sandalwood, Cedar, Patchouli and Amber.
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  1. Royale Blue Rasasi Perfume for Men 75ml is a captivating fragrance designed for the modern man who is confident, stylish, and wants to make a lasting impression. This fragrance is a perfect blend of citrusy, woody, and musky notes that create a unique and inviting scent that is both refreshing and masculine.
    The fragrance opens with fresh and zesty top notes of lemon, bergamot, and mandarin that provide an instant burst of freshness. The heart notes of violet, lavender and clary sage offer a sweet and floral aroma that is both calming and refreshing.
    The base notes of cedarwood, amber, and musk give the fragrance a warm and earthy finish, which is perfect for any occasion. The bottle is sleek and elegant, adding to its overall sophistication.



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